Chewbacca's Birthday

Chewbacca, who was born in March in 1985, became seventeen years old.
I sent him bunch of carrots.
I wish I could actually send him some carrots or sweet potatoes.

Happy birthday, dear Chewbacca!!!


* * * * *

Chewbacca and a stump

Chewbacca has been battling or playing with a stump for about an hour one afternoon in March.

My nose is strong!



My head is strong, too!


Took a little rest


                    He put a "soil quilt"over his feet and fell asleep.

* * *

Biting time

At the moment he bit



Chewbacca pushed and pushed....



Took a rest again

After getting up slowly, Chewbacca moved a stump hard.

You are as busy as a bee, aren't you?



 Weariness from labor or from play?


Chewbacca liked to be by the fence today.

See you again!

I'm going back to my house.



This BGM is from ERI@HOME.