A Happy New Year! 2002

To dear Chewbacca

I visited Chewbacca to say "A Happy New Year!"
I hope you'll be doing well this year, Chewbacca.

A Happy New Year!

* * * * *

Let's play together


We played



"I became curious about......"

Chewbacca may be saying , "Hey, you, Broom, go away!"
(Chewbacca doesn't know that it is a broom, though)

Chewbacca seemed to be more and more excited as the broom came close to him repeatedly.
I wonder if he was angry or enjoyed playing?

When the broom came over his head, he jumped with his mouth open
as if he were saying, "I'll let it get away."

[Don't be so serious, Chewbacca, because you are very old.]


Chewbacca was peeking through the fence
as if he looked for the keeper after he(the keeper) left.

My dear keeper, Let's play together more.
I know that you are still there.

* * *

The New Year Photography Event



* * * * *

What are you doing, Chewbacca?

I do like to see his short legs and pigeon-toed rear feet.